Terms & Conditions

Registration Purpose: All attendees of Strategy Networks events are asked to complete specific registrations outlining their own and their organisations activities for the purpose of creating an event as appropriate for them and their peers as possible.

Disclaimer: Attendees of Strategy Network events agree to hold the Organiser harmless for any injury or death that may occur at the event. The Organiser is not responsible for the behavior of attendees at the event, and is also not accountable for any costs, damages and/or expenses connected with the attendee’s transportation to/from the event or anything relating to accommodations third party services in connection with the Event. Organiser may eject, cancel or postpone any attendees place at an event who is not behaving appropriately on the run up to or during the event, at which point the full cancellation charges will be incurred by the delegate. The Organisers reserve the right to withdraw an attendee’s place if their seniority does not meet the event criteria.

Cancellation and Substitution: Participation in a Strategy Networks event is hereby approved for FREE for the named attendee only. In the occurrence that the attendee named is incapable of attending and doesn’t offer a suitable replacement, a cancellation fee of £495 will be applied. Replacement representatives will be considered suitable to substitute the delegate, on agreement of equal or higher seniority and authority and subject to acceptance by the Organiser. Should a person be ejected from the event for any reason whatsoever the full cancellation fee will apply.

Meetings & Contribution: By registering for a place at a Strategy Networks event, attendees agree to actively participate in all event activities, for example P2P connect sessions, one-to-one business meetings, conference sessions and other group activities. Attendees registered must attend for the duration of the event, attend all pre booked 1-2-1 business meetings and sign the meeting registers to comply with this offer of complimentary attendance. Non attended meetings will be charged at the full cancellation rate of £495 + £195 per non attended meeting. Any delegate found fraudulently countersigning a meeting register or falsifying pre booked meeting attendance will be liable to full cancellation charges and missed meeting charges and may be ejected from the forum.

Remote Meetings: Sponsors of Strategy Network events often want to speak to the market about their products before the event to help with their messaging, this is an opportunity for you to provide feedback on the most relevant solutions that will help shape the offerings at the event. Where possible you will be able to select from a diverse range of solution providers and each of the video calls will last 10 minutes. By registering for a Strategy Networks event you are agreeing to participate in these remote meetings at the quantity outlined in the registration form.

Alteration, Postponement or Cancellation of Event: The Organiser is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of an alteration, postponement or cancellation of an event or your attendance, and shall assume no responsibility whatsoever in the event this is due to a fortuitous event, Act of God, unanticipated incidence or any other event that renders presentation of the event impracticable or unfeasible. For purposes of this clause, a fortuitous event shall include, but not be limited to: war, fire, extreme, labour strike, weather or other emergency. The organiser will endeavor to adhere to the listed event programme but we reserve the right to alter the package (i.e. locality, time, date, events etc.), if judged essential and in the best interest of the event. In the event that the event is postponed, for any basis, including but not limited to Force Majeure we will inform attendees immediately and give them the option to transfer their registration to the alternative date. If hotel accommodation is fully booked the organisers reserve the right to allocate a suitable nearby hotel for the delegate when part of their event place, all attendance is subject to acceptance.

Data: The organiser may share part of or full data that you have submitted through your web registration with selected sponsors at the event for profiling and contact purposes. These sponsors may contact you by telephone, text or email until you withdraw your consent. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you give consent to be contacted in this manner. The data you provide may also be used for the purposes of marketing the event you have registered for or future events. The data you entered will not be used by any third party or sold and will only be held for use by ahmedia and our event sponsors. The information you provide will be published through the Forum LINK app and the LaunchPad platform which every event attendee receives access prior to and at the event - this data is for networking and future collaboration purposes. Should you wish for your data to be withheld please email us on [email protected]. Photos & Videos taken at the event may be used for internal or external marketing purposes and by attending the event you acknowledge that you may appear on web/ video/ media content.